Job Title: Companion and Farm Animal Care and Exercise Worker

Company: Paws Hoofs Claws

Owner and Operator: Karen A. Busch

Job Location: Thief River Falls/Newfolden (North), Fisher (West), Twin Valley (South), Bemidji (East), and the surrounding areas about an hour from Fertile, the home base.

Job Description:  For the small animals, the employees will provide basic care and exercise in 30 minute visits to one hour visits—food, water, play, walks/runs, and snuggles. If the pet owner is busy at work, we might go for an hour at lunch, or if the pet owner is on a weekend or week (sometimes more) long vacation, we would maybe give the pets an hour 1, 2, 3, or 4 visits. For the large animals, we would provide seasonal animal chores or daily farm animal chores for a day or longer.  If the owners need animal related work, like haying, the business can provide assistance. Employees or independent contractor will decide on the type of animals for their time and effort.

Job Requirements: Most importantly, the employees must have a passion for animals, either small or/and large animals.  The employees must also enjoy and laugh at the silly animal clients. The company’s employees are required to be patient, kind, gentle, honest, and trustworthy. The job will be great for the employees’ physical and mental health to escape from the stress of life. During the visits, employees will be required to send the client and Karen a text photo of the animal, maybe a fun selfie with the animal and the employee.

College students with flexible schedules may be a good fit. Seniors who want some company on their daily walk could be a great match with the dogs and other animals.

Salary Range: For each animal job, the employee will get 40% while the company will get 60%. Depending on the job, the wages will sometimes be $10.00 per visit. For marketing, computer help, or other leg work duties, the employee will get $10.00 per hour. If the employee is asked to drive away from their hometown, the company will give a gas card to help with the gas.

The job position will have variable hours per week because the business is client-based, so the worker’s schedule will sometimes be busy and sometimes be quiet. Workers will probably want a main job, and this position would be supplementary, not primary.

Application Procedure: Since the job requires visits to clients’ homes, the potential employees will need to meet and eat with Karen, provide references from an employer and a high school teacher/college professor. There could also be a criminal background check. Karen plans to randomly drop in during client visits to evaluate the quality and timeliness of work.  Please call Karen at 218-464-2154 with any questions and to schedule your interview meeting.

Application Deadline: Job positions are available year round, not just during the summer, and applications will continue to be accepted until further notice.